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  South Seas Pool

The Tangalooma.

The Tangalooma pools are salt water packages.

  • Large 200mm resin top decks.

  • Resin vertical posts.

  • Have a frame height of 1.37 mts with deep end options going to aprox 1.9 metres.

  • Sturdy braceless frame.

  • Rectangular, Round, Oval, Keyhole and Teardrop shape options.

  • Flat floor or structural deep end options.

  • Wide range of sizes.

  • Massive range of lap pools.

Bahama Keyhole Pool
The Tangalooma Salt Water Pool

The Tangalooma is the top of the range of any pool model or brand.
Resin bottom rails ,Resin top and bottom post plates, Vertical shroud and marine grade 316 Stainless screws and wall bolts this pool has no peer in the market. It is Australia's Premier salt water pool. And just for good measure you can have an colour liner you want at no extra charge.


Sterns Tangalooma Pool flyer

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Sterns Bahama Keyhole Pool flyer

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Sterns Deep End flyer

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Sterns Salt Water flyer

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Sterns Warranty

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Round & Raindrop Pool Price List

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Oval Pool Price List

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Oval Deep End Pool Price List

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Oval Space Saver Pool Price List

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Keyhole & Rectangular Pool Price List

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Lap Pool Price List

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Pool Package Inclusions

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Customer Pool Options

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What Filter Should I have?

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Our Pool Range


Mission Beach 1.2 mt
Value Range

The Lindeman 1.2 mt
Robust and Affordable

Whitsunday 1.37mt Resin
Salt Water Range

Tangalooma 1.37 Resin
Salt Water Deluxe range








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