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Poolmaster Pools
will be happy to advise you of the filter size required to give your pool a sparkling brilliance.
Onga and Poolrite is the same quality you would expect in inground pools with performance to match.

Onga Filtration Systems
Your pool or spa is a sizeable investment and it makes sense not to cut corners on the pump and filtration equipment essential to your future enjoyment. Onga's cartridge filters efficiently filter and polish the water to crystal clarity in pools, spas and hot tubs. The cartridge housing is designed with top loading access for easy removal and insertion of the cartridge

The Onga Pantera Cartridge Filter

-- Large cartridge capacity for long filter cycles.
-- Easy to clean cartridge design.
-- Moulded base has 4 glue-in plumbing ports.
-- Unused ports can be used for draining tank.
-- Quick release tank clamp with unique adjustable handle
- ensures easy removal of tank clamp.
-- Easy to read pressure gauge to indicate when cleaning is required.
-- Combination robust manual air release valve.
-- Filters out particles down to 10 microns.

The 40C Series Pump

-- The perfect low maintenance pump for pools and spa's.
-- Designed for simple operation and easy maintenance.
-- Impeller & diffuser ensures max output with minimum turbulence.
-- Durable robust design with 2 year warranty in residential pool.
-- Ideal for above ground pools and small water features.
- IP44 Rating.
-- Motor shaft 303 grade stainless steel.
-- Fan Cooled.
-- Thermal Overload.

The ZODIAC T-Series Filter

-- Durable thermoplastic filter providing deep filtration with minimal maintenance.
-- Operates on 'Deep Filtration' by trapping debris in the sand bed.
-- Tank is covered by 10yr warranty (5yrs full+5yrs pro rata) and 1 yr on other components.
-- Multiport valve with backwash inspection window makes this exceptionally easy to use and maintain.
-- Highly durable thermoplastic polymer body uses corrosion and abrasive resistant materials.

The ZODIAC Trimline Filter

-- The ideal solution where backwashing is not practical.
-- Made from specially treated fabric which is easy to remove.
-- Air release and pressure gauge make this exceptionally easy to use.
-- Tank is covered by 5yr warranty and 1yr on other components.
-- High impact polypropylene body ensures easy maintenance.

The Onga Series Sand Filter

-- New high density one piece seamless tank.
-- UV inhibited and spherical for max strength and extended filter life.
-- 6 position multi-port valve with moulded segmented clamp
-- Eight lateral under-drain for full media coverage.
-- Durable integrated base for max stability.
-- Barrel unions for easy installation and service.
-- Filters out particles down to 25 microns.
-- 5 year tank warranty (conditions apply)

POOLRITE - Filtration Systems

Leaders in the field of Pool and Spa Equipment, Poolrite filters are Australian designed & manufactured. Providing filters for micro clean water!

Diotomaceous Earth Filter

-- Injection-moulded in new "Engineering Polymer.
-- Extra long filter cycles and efficient backwashing.
-- Multifunction control valve - totally maintenance free.
-- Inbuilt sight glass - eliminates guess work and waste of pool water
-- Corrosion resistant design.
-- Filters out particles down to 2 microns.





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